Just a guy with one or more cars and an opinion...
Just a guy with one or more cars and an opinion...

Unsalted: Is simplicity king?

A couple of years ago I traded a car for a '97 Neon. I tracked down a blue/purple neon on a salvage yard that had a small field of running cars. Why did I track down a Neon?

I needed something that ran a bit cheaper (less gas) than the 8 cil I had parked outside. Money was tight. Fun was still required, and a few years earlier I worked for a small company that leased me a Neon, which I dearly loved. However, the leased one was the newer model ('00) and this purple car was an older model, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.


When I got to the yard in question, the car sat with a dead battery. No worries, they started it using a mobile charger so I could take it for a spin. I did. It ran fine. The slush box did its job fine. The windows were electric and the airco blew cold air. There was a slight smell of moist inside. What more could I want?

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