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When I saw the Cactus for the first time in Brussels, at the Autosalon, I immediately loved it. And as it came out I kept looking at these in the streets. I looked up all the info I could find. I was possessed. And then I let it go.

But a few weeks ago, I took one for a testdrive. And now I ordered one. I’ll get it in about two months, as there was no stock in my desired spec.


I love the quirkiness of this car. The air bumps, the design details, the use of cheaper materials without feeling cheap, the room it has to offer, all great features. I ordered a business version, which is full options. I mean everything. A few details about the car I ordered:

It has the 3 cilinder 1.2 litre engine. This engine is small, but hums happily and get’s the work done thanks to the low weight of the Cactus (970 kg). It is equipped with a Start & Stop system. Haven’t ever driven one before, so it will be an experience.

I went for the ETG transmission. This is a regular manual transmission with a robot operating it. It works great, shifts smoothly, and doesn’t add to the fuel consumption the way regular automatic transmissions do. It is operated by three buttons that are placed low on the center console. When parking, the transmission has to be put in N and the parking brake has to be pulled, using the airplane style lever right in front of the seats, where the transmission lever usually is.


I think the heart of this car is a laptop. It has two screens, one in front of the driver, giving all info the usual clocks give you, but all displayed digitally. It is well made, reads fine in sunlight and is calm to the eyes. The second screen sits right on top of the center console, and is a 7 inch touchscreen that operates all kinds of settings for the car, and also the radio, airco bluetooth streaming and navigation. Citroën had a smart designer on the team and added one volume knob, so you don’t have to navigate through menus on the touchscreen to lower the volume.

It has all the tech wizardry I like, such as automatic parallel parking (you have to brake but it does everything else), rear view camera, parking sensors, auto wipers (great feature), auto lights, daytime LED, and so on. It’s all there. It also has great interior space for my family and myself, and still almost 400 liters of luggage space. A box can be mounted on the roof to add extra space.


I believe this is the 2015 interpretation of a 2cv.

So, I am waiting impatiently. In the meantime, if you have any questions, ask away. I will be happy to answer them as far as I can at the moment, and certainly after I receive it.


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